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The current focus is to make a (not-named-yet) project, which is mainly a support to create a tutorial on game making in UnrealEngine 4. I know there’s tons of tutorials out there, but I intend to provide information, tips, trick, and other stuff we can rarely get from other tutorials. Here’s the main focus:

  • Structure the code to ensure readability and maintenance
  • Follow OOP good practices
  • Optimize and write C++ classes when possible
  • Prioritize event oriented coding
  • Plan ahead
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Recently made and published a small game named Maze-ing as a test project. You can find more details on the why’s and the how’s is this blog post.

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Hi, I’m Ben,

I’ve been coding in various languages and environment for 20 years, and I’m overflowing with game design ideas. Feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to receive and answer all your messages.