Mazes-ing is a unique of its kind maze game where you will explore multi-dimensional labyrinths.

You will search your way around 3d cubes, cylinders and so on. You’ll use jumpers to fly across the maze.

Each level has been manually crafted to provide progressive challenge and entertaining experience.

You will have to use your visual memory and some planing ability to solve the different levels of the game. The game can be downloaded for pay-what-you-want-if-you-want $, or can be played in your browser.

Playable demo

Here bellow you can play few levels without downloading. That’s for you to discover the feeling of the game. You can play the “Flat” classical mazes, and the “3D” more challenging levels.

The goal is to bring the ball to the exit symbolized by a glowing circle. Use your keyboard arrows and your mouse left-click-and-drag. See at the bottom of this page for more details on how to play.


The full game can be downloaded for free on your computer or mobile device.

  • For Window, MacOs, and Linux you can get if from
  • For Window, MacOs, and Linux and in-browser you can get if from gamejolt.
  • For Android mobiles you can get is from Google Store.

The intend behind Mazes-ing

This small game was for me a test to experiment with game coding. Even if I polished it because I’m a perfectionist, I don’t really have great plans with this game. But off course if I get lots of players I’ll create more levels.

To read more about my motivations (plus some technical details) with Mazes-ing you can read this blog post.

How to play

The ball will move by itself until the next crossing where you will have to make a choice of direction. At this time the ball is surrounded by arrows indicating what are the available directions.

Some mazes are multidimensional, meaning that the maze continues around and behind the object the ball is on. To look around you can click-and-drag with the left mouse button, this allow you to rotate the maze and plan ahead which direction to move.

You will find jumpers, symbolized by squares, crosses, z-shapes or other symbols. They are paired, meaning there is 2 squares, 2 crosses, and so on. Moving to one of them will make the ball jump to the paired one.
You will have to plan ahead which jumpers can help you to reach the exit, and which one will loose you into the maze.

Have fun!

Privacy Policy

For Android version, and for Android version only, I am using Google analytics to understand how people are going through the game and to get information such as which level are too difficult. Also on Android version I am using ads network to display ads. And as those 2 components collect anonymous data, you can read the privacy policy to know more about it.

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